Hazards Of The Desk Job

Hazards Of The Desk Job

Does this look familiar? Are you one of those that sit in front of your screen for HOURS at a time, plugging away at your job??

Or even worse, do you work from home and sit for HOURS on your sofa, plugging away at your work??

Better still, is your kid sitting for hours on his or her phone/tablet…..

Even if you absolutely love what you do, please take a second to see what you are doing to your spine.

From sitting for long periods of time with a rounded posture the following starts to happen..

– Spinal muscles over lengthen and weaken

– Hamstrings shorten

– Glut muscles weaken

– Hip flexors shorten and weaken

– Abdominal muscles weaken

– Pecs tighten

– and the back of your neck lengthens and weakens while the front of the neck shortens

Do any of these sound familiar? This is what we call a SWAY BACK.

With all this going on in the spine you will notice an imbalance in your body and injuries will start to crop up because your muscles are working extra hard to try and keep your joints moving correctly.

For instance my client with the ITB problem…. His glut muscles have got so weak as well as his TFL (these are muscles on the side of the hip) so his ITB has taken over which then pulls on the knees and the hips causing all sorts of unnecessary pain.

So, How do you fix this????

Our motto is don’t stop doing what you love, just get to the core of the problem.

Firstly, start sitting on a ball at work, this will immediately start strengthening up the stabilisers in your spine. It will be tiring at first, so don’t sit for hours at a time, ease yourself into it, with half an hour increments.

Secondly start Pilates!

I will start you on a program that will help stretch and strengthen the correct muscle groups leaving you feeling like a new person.

With Pilates each class will take your body through flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion, basically all the natural movements your body should be able to do. With these movement blood flushes into your joints and areas where your injuries lie and help speed up the healing process.

So often clients come in with lower back pain and after adjusting their posture and teaching them how to manage it they find their injuries subside.

Pain is a signal in your body, warning you that something is up, get to the bottom of it and start to feel like a normal, energetic human being again!

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