It's A Runner's Life

It's A Runner's Life

I know, you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to run! It’s your fix after a long day at work or of course before, to get you going for the day. It’s that time out, where no one can bug you and you get to sort out the world’s problems!

A runner’s body is an interesting creature. I find some of my clients can go for years, running incredible distances with no problems and then you get those who try so hard to keep everything balanced and end up having a continuous flow of injuries. This for a runner is THE MOST frustrating thing!

Running does lend itself to an imbalanced body due to dominant muscle development as well as your posture while running.

What we need as runners is MOBILITY

                                                 STRENGTH & POWER


Runners tend to focus on glut and hip strength to keep injuries at bay (which isn’t wrong) but research (Dorn et al 2012) shows that CALF MUSCLES are the most dominant muscle group during the stance phase of running and you neglect to strengthen them at your peril.

The Gastrocnemius and particularly the Soleus (it

supports up to 6 and half times your body weight) are

primary contributors to the stance phase during


Here is a short video giving you a few exercises

you can do to strengthen up this area and prevent injuries.

Other issues that stem from running are knee and hip problems and a lot of the time these are due to the Iliotibial band (ITB) which tends to get very angry if you have weak Glut medius and Tensor fascia latae (TFL) muscles. So yes, back to strengthening up the hips!!

Try out these exercises and release work on

the roller to help this area.

Just a heads up!! It can get be very painful.

Many of you have heard of or been told that you are Quad dominant? Yes, it means an over-eager quad trying to do all the work while the main stabilisers sit back and have a holiday. This is not something you want as a runner.


Quad dominance leads to…..

WEAK – Gluts

– Hip flexors

– Core muscles in general

One of the best tools I have in my studio is the balance cushion (wobble board). Not only do you get a mean workout on it but it really gets to the “core” of the problem which is your core!!

Because of the unstable environment you are constantly working your stabilisers throughout your body. It is one of the best tools you can have at home to help strengthen up those ankles, knees, hips and even abs…

Try out this 20 min recording and see for yourself. This recording was for trail runners but its just as good for the roadrunner.

If your knees and ankles start to complain just pop the balance cushion to the side and carry on, this just means you have to work strengthening up that area.


Do yourself a favour and get yourself a balance cushion and a roller and really start to feel the difference. Start to #runfreely without pain and injuries! I have all the equipment you will need. Go online to I ship all over the country.

Join my virtual group and

start to make a change to

that body of yours!!

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